Visas for Djibouti, country represented by France

Having no diplomatic and consular representation in Denmark, the Republic of Djibouti is represented by France. Visas issued for Djibouti are only valid for this country.

The consular department only issues visas for a period not exceeding 10 days. These can then be extended by the immigration central service in Djibouti before the validity of the visa expires.

These short stay visas do not allow to have a salaried activity in Djibouti or an activity subordinated to its approval beforehand.

If the applicant for the visa goes to Djibouti to have such an activity, one is invited to contact the relevant diplomatic or consular representation:

Ambassade de Djibouti à Bruxelles

Avenue Brugmann 410



Tél : 00322-3476967 - Fax : 00322-3476963

Processing fees have to be paid to the consular department when submitting the application for the visa.

  • Required relevant documents

The applicant has to submit ones application personally to the consular department. The original documents to join as well as a copy have to be provided with the application :

-  an application form for a short stay visa (Schengen visa), duly filled out in black and signed,

-  an identity photograph,

-  a passport, valid 3 months after the end of the stay,

-  a valid residence permit in Denmark,

-  a proof of the purpose of the stay and the lodging during this one : attestation of accommodation (for family or private visits), hotel reservation, invitation from a company...,

-  a proof of financial resources, testifying to sufficient financial means to cover the cost of the stay : 3 last bank statements,

-  a medical coverage and travel insurance, covering the medical care and repatriation expenses, for the period and the place of stay,

-  a guarantee of return : return ticket, valid Schengen visa or return visa.

Dernière modification : 18/09/2013

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